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June 16, 2021

National Fudge Day!

 It's National Fudge Day!

I know I missed a few days last week, but I'm trying to focus posts on either things I know about or things I'm interested in learning about. Or, just something that looks fun!
I do know about fudge!
I think of fudge as something nostalgic. It reminds me of Mamaw's kitchen, being at fairs or flea markets, going on vacation, and watching the confectioners churn chocolate those huge brass vats!

Fun Facts(Wiki):
Fudge originated here in the United States in the late 19th century.
Its popularity was partly due to the decreasing costs of refined white sugar, and partly because it was easily made at home without any special equipment.

 Mackinac Island Fudge, located on Mackinac Island, Michigan was the first candy shop established!
Founder, Rome Murdick was also the first to use a marble slab to make the fudge. This not only gave the fudge a unique flavor but also let customers watch it being made!

I think one of the things that attract people to fudge is its diversity.
You can start with any base(chocolate, peanut butter, or vanilla) and add in just about anything to jazz it up. Try adding crushed cookies, fruits, nuts, coconut, marshmallows, baking chips, candies, even liqueurs, and anything else that sounds yummy in a piece of fudge!

I went over and grabbed a couple recipes for you to check out.

For those that want quick and easy.

For the more adventurous.

If you're like me and love fudge but have no desire to actually make it...
Go here! 
Make sure to comment and let me know how you are celebrating National Fudge Day!

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