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August 20, 2021

I've Been Reading: Book Reviews


Hey all,

I hope everyone is getting more reading time in than me. I feel like I am pulled in so many directions lately. My favorite things to do for myself are crochet, write/blog, and read! The latter I haven't found much downtime to do.

I used to be able to zone the world out and be completely engrossed in anything I was reading. Now, it seems every little thing irritates me when I'm trying to read. The train or traffic outside, phones ringing, kids arguing, T.V. up too loud, or just my brain in over-drive.

Lately, I've been depending on audiobooks to get in my reading. Our library has an adequate amount of books you can download through the Libby/Overdrive app, and it is 100% free! Bonus! Libby also has ebooks. There are several other apps. Audible, Scribd, NOOK, Storytel are a few I've seen on Google Play store.

The last two books that I have really enjoyed are,

Songteller: My Life in Lyrics by Dolly Parton

This is Dolly's latest book. Did you know she has written 7 books? Including two children's books. I had no clue!
It's no secret that Dolly Parton is so loved in our household. My 8-year-old wants to BE Dolly Parton when she grows up. No joke.
I came across this book while scrolling through Libby. It always shows books that may interest you, based off previously read audiobooks. I read a ton of memoirs, bios, and autobiographies. It is one of my favorite genres.(people's stories/lives fascinate me)
Then I download it and realize Dolly is also the narrator of the audiobook! Yes. Bonus!

This one really does make you feel like Dolly is right there with you. Just chatting away. She is so confident and comfortable in herself. I just love her.

Her message has always been, everyone is different. Everyone has their own story. Everyone makes mistakes. Don't judge, love more. Love life, love each other.

I definitely recommend the audiobook over the physical book. 

The Loyal Wife by Natalie Barelli

Another of my  favorite genres is definitely Thriller/Suspense/Mystery.
This one has it all.

Mini synopsis:
Trusting her wasn't a mistake. Betraying her was.
She thought she had the perfect marriage...
Tamra knows something about Mike. Something he did. Something evil. And she was prepared to carry the secret to her grave.
Not anymore.

This is the first book I have read by this author, but it probably won't be my last.
She definitely can grab you from the start. The middle got a little slow and ehh, but it did have a twisty ending. 
Again, this one I chose the audiobook, so maybe the narrator during multiple characters is what got fuzzy for me. It was still a 4/5-star book for me.
I hope you'll check these out. I'm glad I found them. Audio or physical, maybe even ebook(I haven't done those much), I recommend them both.
I actually did begin reading an actual book this week, When August Leaves by Amy S. Foster.
Hopefully, I'll get it read and be able to post a review.

Do you prefer audio to physical books?
What's your favorite genre?
Happy reading!


Patrice said...

I love a suspenseful book too. Will have to check this one out! And I prefer the physical book but also like to read on my kindle using the Libby app!

Grace said...

I’ve never tried an audio, actually! I typically read on the kindle app or a physical book. I’ll have to check these books out!