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August 22, 2021

"Making Time" What does that mean?

Making Time 

If you've come here to read my post, thank you for making time(pun intended) to read it.
This has really been on my mind lately. 
How do you make time? 
Last time I checked, I'm not God; creator of all things...including time.
It just isn't humanly possible!

Then we get people who are thinking, "Well, Trema, it isn't to be taken literally."
No? You don't think so. I have heard and seen so much about people having to make time.
They say things that tell people, if you want time, make it.
Here are a few quote/memes that I came across.

"Don't force someone to make time for you. If they really want to they will."
I'm calling total BS on this one! I cringe every time this meme pops up.
There are a ton of times during my day or week that I would love to sit and chat or visit with family or friends. Lack of doing so has 0% to do with me making time for them.

"It's not about having time. It's about making time."
Again, I'm not God.

"We all make time for what we feel is important in our lives."
Again, I can't make time. There are so many people and things that I value and think of as important, but I just don't have time. 
I'd love a whole girls' day, a day to take a 3hr nap, time to have full conversation without having to multitask or cut it short, a night to actually finish a board game with my kids.

My point is this.
We live in a time when over multitasking or over crowding our lives and schedules has taken over.
We make ourselves and others believe, if we feel unacknowledged, unwanted, or unimportant, that it must be because someone didn't make time for me.
If we didn't finish the laundry, dishes, or a book. If we didn't play long enough with our kids or ask them about their day, then we obviously just didn't make time for them.

It is so draining and unnecessary to any human to make them feel uncaring for not being able to MAKE TIME.
Our mental health today is horrible. People wake up every day already stressed out and anxious because of all they have to figure out how to accomplish before their head hits the pillow again tonight!(Let's not even start on insomnia! Thank You!)
You wonder why some say, "I didn't even want to get out of bed today."
This may be why. Ask them? Do you have a lot going on? Can I lighten your load?
And if you do ask, then mean it. 
Everything we do, or don't do; is constantly being judged.
We slept too late.
We ate too much.
We didn't spend time with 400 family members last Thanksgiving.
We don't teach our kids life skills anymore.
We preach this or that.
We don't include God anymore.
We don't spend one on one time with our spouse/partner.
It just goes on and on!
Whether it is mental or physical time, sometimes it just cannot be done.

Please, stop feeling guilty because you didn't or can't make time for whatever it is.
We all get just 24 hrs in a day.
We all have 100% different lives. Even others in your own household do not live the exact same 24hrs that you do. 
Cut people some slack and yourself too!
Smile, pray, hug, love
Less stressed, more blessed!

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