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September 7, 2021

10 Books Titled "Never Let You Go" : The List I made

 10 Books Titled, 

Never Let You Go

by a variety of authors

Hey y'all.
Have you ever been looking for a certain book, but you can't exactly remember the Title? You just kind of have a vague idea of what it was called or what the main theme was.
I honestly do that a lot. I am constantly seeing #bookcoverporn, some great review posted, ads for new books coming out, or someone sends me recs.
I love it! I love it all! I know on my last day, my TBR list will still be in the hundreds. I read 2 or 3, and add 5 more before the week is done.

That is exactly how this post came about. I remembered this book that I wanted to post over on my Facebook page, but I could not think of the title!
Never Go Away?
Never Let Her Go?
You'll Never Go?
You get the idea. So I'm scrolling through my Goodreads app(I get distracted looking through all the books I want to read.), and then I just decided to go look over on Thriftbooks.
I just typed in Never Go titles and a whole page of books titled...
Never Let You Go or I'll Never Let You Go pops up. 
The very first one is the one I had been searching for! Yes!
Then, I couldn't just ignore 9 other books RIGHT THERE baring the same title! All different authors. A slew of genres. From suspense to children's books.

Hence, my list of 10 books titled:
Never Let you Go

There actually were more than 10, but I was trying to keep the list fun and manageable.
I hope you enjoy this list!
Happy Reading!
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1 comment:

Misty said...

I never knew there were so many books with the same title! Thanks for the suggestions :)