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December 18, 2021

Crocheting for Christmas and getting caught up. Crochet Snowman Pattern

Christmas Crochet

 Hi Y'all! Wow! How are we so close to the end of this year?!?!

This whole year has flown by. I stay pretty busy throughout the year, so I always feel so rushed towards the end. There is always something I never got around to, or kept putting off for later, thinking that I'd have more time.

You'd think I would realize by now, that isn't going to happen. My 2022 goal is to not overload myself. I want to set realistic goals, work on my time management, and seriously get more organized!

Every year I have this list of projects, whether homeschool, craft, reading, or blogging. I know that they need to be prepared and completed WAY before they are actually useful. (e.g. Christmas things should be finished by Halloween and published)

I know this and I try, but seriously get behind every time. 

This particular crochet post has been in the making for quite some time! The two main reasons I am just posting it late December are, 1. My computer is an old piece of fruitcake! And 2. I am no photographer.

Top of my list is a new desktop. I know, laptops. That just isn't for me. The photos, well I'm learning about light boxes and angles. I'm improving.

On to the crochet...

There are patterns that I absolutely follow to a T. Then there are patterns I play around with and tweak to my liking. Lastly, sometimes, I can just come across a picture of crochet and figure it out blindly, no pattern. I just go with shapes and piecing it together.

The pattern I used for this snowman came from They have a ton of patterns. I believe, both free and paid.
Honestly, I did pretty much follow this pattern, with the exception I wanted to see it a bit larger, so I went up to an I hook. Although, next time, for the nose and arms, I recommend no bigger than a G
(mine was done accidentally. Just forgot to go down a hook size)

One of my favorite things about anything that I crochet is being able to choose colors, and customize them the way I want them. This one was super fun. I let my daughters decide the colors for the hats, and scarfs(I altered the "snood"). These are so soft and snuggable.
My new obsession with yarn is the super soft "baby" yarn.
Here are the yarns I used for my snowmen.
in white(body), chocolate(arms), and, tangerine(nose)
This yarn is AMAZING!
in red and purple
I definitely will be making more of these! I hope you enjoy them as much as we have. Not only that, but I'd love to see pictures if anyone tries this pattern.
Be sure to go see Nataly Dastous and give her credit for the pattern.
She has some great patterns posted.
Happy Crocheting and Happy Holidays!