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January 1, 2022

Starting the year being productive

 Welcome 2022!

Happy New year to everyone!
I hope everyone had blessed holidays in December. I know we sure are blessed. There were cookie parties, games, laughter, love, and some gifts. I do appreciate that getting older it feels so good to be the giver, but I won't turn down a few great gifts.
I am so excited to start my year off being more productive, and hopefully organized. 

I finally got a new desktop computer. Well, new-refurbished, but so far I'm pleased. I mean, it works, and I totally hooked everything up myself. The cords were a pain, but I figured it out in less than a day!
I ended up getting an HP, just because we've had several printers from them, and we've never had a problem with the brand. We just couldn't afford a whole brand-new HP desktop. Hence, eBay refurbished 
It is so nice to jump on here and actually get things done. Not sitting here F bombing under my breath and controlling the urge to throw it out the window! It seriously was so frustrating and a huge setback.
Almost everything I needed to accomplish was computer related.
Whether it was writing for my blog, book reviews, homeschooling material or websites, getting my crochet patterns, materials, etc., it was such a daily struggle! Every. Single. Day.

Now, that the computer issue is solved, I can move along and get productive!
I've already printed out about 4 new crochet patterns. Mostly Valentines and plushies. You can see my inspiration board here:
I'm still in love with the Premier Parfait Chunky yarn. You can go see the snowmen I made with it. They are so soft and snugly!

Oh! I got another great yarn/project organizer for Christmas too!
This one is bigger than my older one, so I can work on bigger projects, or projects with several color skeins at once.
Mine came from AliExpress
I love this site so much! They are the best place to get everything from safety eyes to hooks and stitch markers! I cannot tell you how much I have ordered from them!

I am using my time more wisely, so I've also been working on homeschool for the new year. We pretty much roll our own way, but we definitely use the internet. I find charts, worksheets, classroom decor, record logs, science activities, from TeachersPayTeachers
I do have my own little shop started. Now, I will be able to get more material made, so much faster!

I cannot tell you how excited I am! This truly is a blessing for me and this new year! This computer will absolutely be worth the money!
Look at me making Pinterest pins using Canva!
This is the best site to create all different types of graphics. They even have pre-sized templates, so you can just click what you need(Pin, FB header, etc) and get creating!
So, so worth it.

Now that I have my first official 2022 blog post ready, using my new computer, I can hit publish!
I have lots more to do today! Enjoy the weekend and definitely be watching for posts more frequently!

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